May 2, 2020

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Limited Edition prints are just that, limited in number, and this causes them to be generally more desirable as far as rarity and value are considered. While additional prints or similar imagery may be available, a particular edition is finite/will not be reproduced after the initial run is printed. 

The editioned numbers (i.e. 1-500) can vary greatly, depending on the artist’s objective and type of printing process-there are a number of printing processes (i.e. lithography, seriography, etchings…etc) which may be editioned. Additionally, smaller editions are widely considered to be more valuable. Oftentimes, “AP” or “E.A” may appear on a print; this translates to “AP: Artist Proof or E.A./A’ (or E. d’A meaning ‘épreuve d’artiste’h). This is an additional factor in the print retaining or increasing in value.

What is the benefit of buying Limited Edition if you are merely purchasing artwork for aesthetic pleasures, rather than for collecting? You are buying an item that is not only beautiful, but unique. The Loft Fine Art carries a wide assortment of Limited Edition prints at very low prices. Please check out our collection, specifically the Prints and Vintage Poster Art sections to find something amazing!

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