October 2, 2020

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When we think of art, most people come up with a name like Norman Rockwell, Ansel Adams or Romain de Tirtoff (aka Erté).

However, in these times, the artist’s name that may be on the tip of your tongue is one of the local artists who have impressed you with their style and/or energy. So, this time, instead of answering my question-who are your favorite artists of all time-we will rephrase it a bit: who are your favorite artists of this time, of now, of 2020 (a year we shall never forget)?

To start, The Loft Fine Art would like to answer that question. We will name five of our favorite local artists and give details with specific reasons they have impressed us!

Mark Jackson has impressed us with his masterful skill. His work demonstrates not only his remarkable talent, but also a uniqueness of subject matter and execution. https://www.facebook.com/mpjackson.art

Jerome Joseph Patryjak utilizes multimedia to create distinctive works of art. His paper fabrications/installations (as example) are incredibly beautiful. His book “Jerome Patryjak Paper Constructions to 2020” is available now! https://jpatryjak.wordpress.com/

Steve Czapiewski’s (artist and owner of OOMM Studios) design of interesting characters always brings a smile to our faces. We love “Sally” and can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she will get into. https://oommstudios.squarespace.com/

The Loft Fine Art had the pleasure of partnering with design and fashion artist Cheryl Zemke (of the recently opened Cheryl Zemke Boutique in Wyandotte, Michigan) in June. She hosted an amazing fashion show that took our breath away. https://cherylzemke.webs.com/

JT Hall may not be local to Michigan, but we had to include him in our list. He creates art that is meant to be both inspirational and cathartic; inspired by his own personal story of pain and resilience. https://www.joelthomashall.com/