A vibrant image of King David playing the harp and his wife Bathsheba. In this image Bathsheba is depicted nude, which may be a reference to Renaissance art in which she was frequently depicted bathing. The colors are applied in a rich, painterly manner. The image is expressionistic in style. The image comes with a deep, gold frame.

Holocaust survivor Dubi Arie is deeply charged with a sense of purpose and developing meaning in his work. His most important work, “The Mission”, was commissioned by the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI and took 20 years to complete. He currently operates his own gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Original Oil on Canvas
33.25 x 33.25 in, Framed
Signed and Dated by Artist
Excellent Condition

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 6 × 38 in