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This fantastic oil painting depicts the classical facade of the Art Institute of Chicago in the bright afternoon light. On the right hand side of the painting, one of the Institute’s iconic lion statues looks out at the viewer. The architecture of the building is both majestic and sweeping, covering the majority of the image. The colors used are primarily shades of gray and blue. In the distance the viewer can see the skyline of downtown Chicago. The painting comes with an elegantly designed, wooden frame with a golden finish.

Richard R. Miller (born 1931) has been commissioned for portraits and public art projects, including works for Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Henry Ford and the National Bank of Detroit. His monumental sculptural works can be found in both the United States and Canada, with one of his most famous works being a commission for the United Auto Workers in Detroit. He is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists and serves as president of the International Guild of Fine Artists. He is also a novelist, with two crime noir books to his credit, “Three for the Money” and “Four to Get Ready”.

Original Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 in, Framed
Signed by Artist
Excellent Condition

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