July 10, 2019

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Hi All, this is Nick, Gallery Assistant at The Loft Fine Art.

I recently came across two art books that I am enjoying and would like to share: “The Art Spirit”, by Robert Henri and “Gist of Art”, by John Sloan.

Both of these artists were leading members of the Ashcan School, an American artistic movement in the United States during the 20th century. In addition to being prominent artists associated with American Realism, they both were exceptional teachers of art. These books are collections of their theories on art philosophy and practice; they are literally collections of notes, lectures and thoughts directly from the artists. The topics are wide-ranging which include discussions of various art mediums as well as insight as teachers and remarks to art students. You can almost flip to any page in these books and find inspiration, especially with Henri’s text as there is an absence of chapters, just a compilation of thoughts. I think these books are great for art students and for those who simply enjoy art.

Are there any art books that you recommend? Leave a comment below or contact us on our Facebook page, The Loft Fine Art